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Hi guys.

Every year, we are trying to make a 'family' project during summer holidays.

Last year, we made a sort of pinball game, which is called a "bagatelle" in french.

We started from scratch, with old wood available in the basement, then we managed to create a nice game.

After that, we have taken some time with the oldest son to make it digitally available for our family and friends.

I put here the unity version as a demo, you can also take the exe on windows and even put some money on it that would help us for upcoming projects : 


A youtube video is available also, to see the real one working : 


FYI, we are currently building a arcade cab (tinyurl.com/mamecab) in the same way of thinking : reuse old stuff, trade or help people to get the things to be used too. If my kids can learn that money is not the only way to think, that would be great !

Bye bye and have fun.

Instructions :

You have 3 balls, Use down arrow to launch.

If the ball get stuck on a nail, this will reset it (same behaviour as the real one ;) )

Click on the reset button to restart.

Credits :

- Design : our family

- Sounds : Arthur (the older son)

Catch me on Twitter : @BENETNATH